The Ewald Music Competitions

The Ewald Foundation has for many years also sponsored annual awards for musically talented youngsters in the fourth and fifth grades of the San Francisco Unified School District. These awards acknowledge the creative achievements of students just beginning their music instruction.

     Each year, music teachers in the SFUSD Elementary Music Program select Ewald participants from the schools where they teach. These selections are based on interest and potential talent as well as broadly defined need. Each participant is provided an instrument for use for one year. The Ewald Foundation purchases the instruments and pays for their maintenance. A District music instructor then teaches the student how to play that instrument for a school year. Annually, in another contest, interested and talented elementary students may perform as soloists.



The Ewald Music Talent Showcase

Annually, in another contest, interested and talented elementary students may showcase their talents as soloists or in small ensembles. The participants are selected at the school site and then go on to participate in the SFUSD Arts Festival at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco.



The Ewald Music Festival

The Ewald Elementary Music Festival happens every Spring for the San Francisco Unified Public Elementary Schools. This festival highlights the accomplishments of nearly 1,000 music students throughout San Francisco. Elementary School music teachers organize, motivate and rehearse their students for this event. The featured instruments include violin, trumpet, clarinet and flute. Both 1st and 2nd year students perform on these instruments. The teachers and students gather on a Saturday to rehearse this event.